Thursday, May 31, 2007

Last Day

Today is officially the last day of the spring semester.

Departure paperwork was necessary in order to get my deposits back. I picked them up from the IASP office and filled them out on the spot. According to IASP, the deposits should be ready two months from today, so I'd say I'll be receiving them in August.

I was required to cancel my library card by returning all my books and handing in a form to the library staff behind the counter. Within less than 24 hours, I was no longer allowed entry into any of the libraries, which was inconvenient, especially since I still wanted to print documents.

My CUHK email account and access should also no longer work after today either.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Shenzhen to Guangzhou

A new super-fast railway line has opened between Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Total travel time has now been cut to about 1 hour. The railway approaches speeds of up to 196 km per hour and makes only 2 stops between Shenzhen and Guangzhou East Railway Station. The train vibrates and shakes in a way that makes me nervous, but it seems to be secure. A ticket is 75 RMB. Goodbye buses and slow trains!


The largest amount of my funds were put on my Octopus Card, which I used to purchase meals at the canteens, groceries at Park n' Shop, and travel between University Station and other parts of Hong Kong. Octopus Cards can be re-charged anywhere Octopus Cards are accepted, which makes it very convenient to use.

My Student ID was used to pay for laundry and dryer use and printing expenses. Between January and the end of April I spent 200 HKD on laundry, having washed my clothes once every two weeks. I placed about 150 HKD on my Student ID to print out documents related to my research.

The best place I found for printing out documents was Chung Chi College Library, ground floor near the back. The printers there are fast and well-maintained.